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官方认证服务介绍Official Authentication Service Introduction

D•PES is founded on the basis of about 100 manufacturers of China Industrial Digital Printing Technology Union (CIPTU) and China Engraving Equipment Industry Union (CEEIU). Adhering to the development concept of win-win cooperation to promote the industry’s development, 18 key enterprises jointly funded to establish a professional global trading serve organization - D•PES. Its main business scope including: holding professional exhibitions, academic conference, and industry annual meetings; e-commerce; overseas investigation and study, etc.D•PES B2B is an orderly and healthy, fair and equitable online trading platform, aiming to expand the global market of Chinese excellent manufactures in digital printing, engraving, signage and the related industry. Known well about the whole sign industry, D•PES team will control the enterprises credit, product quality, after-sale serve strictly from the source.

During the trading, if any of the behaviors like cheating and inveigling happen, please send the e-mail records and the situation to service@dpes.com.cn, our staffs will follow your problem and reply you in 5 working days.

  迪培思是依托于中国工业喷印产业技术联盟(CIPIU)及中国雕刻设备行业联盟(CEEIU)合计约100家中国主流制造商,在秉承合作、共赢、促进行业发展理念的基础上,先期由18家核心骨干企业共同出资成立面向全球市场的专业服务贸易机构。它的业务范围主要包括:举办专业技术展览会、学术会议、行业年会、电子商务、组织出国考察等。 迪培思B2B主要是协助中国制造商将优质的喷印、雕刻、标识及相关配套产品成功拓展到全球市场,同时借助迪培思团队对整个行业的熟悉度,也为全球买家和卖家在企业信用、产品质量、售后服务各个环节从源头严格把关,确保建立一个有序、健康、公平、公正的网上交易平台。


Symbol & Content


No Labels


Brief Introduction


D•PES Members are qualified to access to this seal.


Suppliers attending D•PES series exhibition are qualified to access to this seal.


Non D•PES members and non exhibitor members.



Transaction Security Level


Core Benefits

  • (1)Seller with this seal label shows that is a professional manufacturer and D•PES has investigated this seller, which has a good public praise on company strength, credit, products quality and after-sale service, etc.
  • (2)Once a transaction dispute occurred, D•PES Team will spare no effort to provide assistance service for buyer with the power of unions.
  • (3)D•PES Team will reply the handling outcome to buyer within 10 working days after receiving transaction dispute complaint.
  • (4)If the complaint is verified, D•PES will handle seriously and publish the outcome.
  • (1)加盖此标志代表该卖家为专业制造商,迪培思团队实地考察过该卖家,卖家实力、信用、产品质量、售后服务均在行业有着较好的口碑。
  • (2)一旦发生交易纠纷,迪培思团队将借助联盟力量,尽全力无尝为买家提供帮助服务。
  • (3)自接到交易纠纷投诉后,D•PES团队将于十个工作日内将处理结果回复买家。
  • (4)如投诉属实,迪培思将对卖家进行严肃处理,并将处理结果公示。

  • (1)Members will have priority to be recommended by D•PES to clients,including trade show, network ranking, magazine promotion.
  • (2)D•PES will regularly hold industry meeting to promote communications between companies and guide them to develop healthily and orderly.
  • (3)Suppliers can submit encountered questions during their transaction to D•PES, we will proceed to assist and solve through industry association, etc.
  • (1)迪培思将会优先推荐会员单位给客户,包括展会、网络排名、杂志推广。
  • (2)迪培思将定期举办行业会议,促进企业交流,引导企业健康有序发展。
  • (3)供应商可以将交易中遇到的问题提交给DPES ,我们将会通过行业协会等渠道进行协助解决。

  • (1)Seller with this seal label shows it has attended exhibitions held by D•PES. While D•PES has never investigated this seller.
  • (2)D•PES Team is learning the detailed information about company strength credit, products quality and after-sale service, etc.
  • (3)Once a transaction dispute occurred, D•PES Team will only provide assistance service while buyer should bear all trade risks.
  • (1)加盖此标志仅代表该卖家参加过迪培思举办之系列展览会,迪培思团队未曾实地考察过该卖家。
  • (2)卖家的实力、信用、产品质量、售后服务等方面迪培思团队正在详细了解中。
  • (3)一旦发生交易纠纷,迪培思团队仅提供帮助服务,所有贸易风险均由买家自行承担。

  • (1)Exhibitors Seal will be extra stamped in the showroom.
  • (2)Publish on website and magazine as a recommended brands.
  • (3)Exhibtor will have priority for network supplier ranking.
  • (4)Also have priority for other promotions.
  • (1)展商供应商将会在展厅里加盖展商证。
  • (2)作为推荐品牌,出现在网络和杂志。
  • (3)DPES网络供应商排名,展商优先。
  • (4)其他优惠活动,优先选择权。

  • (1)Seller without any labels, only shows it just make transaction with D•PES website platform.
  • (2)D•PES Team has not got any detailed information about it so buyers should bear all the trade risk.
  • (3)D•PES Team friendly remind all buyers do transaction cautiously.
  • (1)无任何标记之卖家,仅代表该卖家借助迪培思网络平台实现其销售目的。
  • (2)迪培思团队对其没有任何详细资料,因此交易过程中所有风险均由买家自行承担。
  • (3)迪培思团队友情提醒所有买家,谨慎交易。

  • (1)No authentication stamp on the online show case.
  • (1)展厅里没有任何认证章。